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We installed two pairs of binoculars at the Secret Garden Party in Huntingdon. They were placed 500m apart, fixed in position, and wholly focused on the other pair.

How visitors decided to connect with the other person was up to them. Check back at different times of the day to see who's waiting on the other side, and at night, a spotlight shone brightly.

For a brief moment, the binoculars become a stage with an audience of one.

Collaboration with Helen Chesner, Natalie Doto, Isabel Gibson and Jack Haslehurst.

Photography: Nick Caro, Rachael Wright, Andrew Whitton.

Commisioned by Secret Arts Foundation.
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As part of the Cannes Lions, Unilever held an event to promote their sustainability campaign, Project Sunlight. Guests were asked to submit their vision of the future, and two renowned illustrators turned those into A0 drawings. I worked on the design elements, from the A5 flyers to the large statement signs whilst at INT Works.

INT Works: Creative Direction
Ramon Haindl: Photography
Stevie Gee: Illustrator
Adam Hayes: Illustrator
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Design / direction for Boat Magazine, issue 6.

You can purchase a copy here.
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Design / direction for Boat Magazine, issue 5.

You can purchase a copy here. Now sold out.

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For my final project at university, I became a nomadic designer for one month. I left the UK behind to lead a transient lifestyle, offering myself to designers, studios and agencies for two days in exchange for the chance to work with some of the best practitioners in Europe.

I travelled by train and plane through Iceland, Turkey, Serbia, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. I also kept a blog of the project which you can see here.
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